Creating a Pi Network markets

Markets have started working where you will be able to buy and sell products and services for your Pi coins. On the Internet you can find and see what is offered for sale in some of them.

You can also offer your goods or services now and charge for them in Pi currency. You do not need to have KYC verification to receive Pi in your account, nor do you need an IAT (In App Transfer) transaction license. Those two items are needed if you want to buy or pay for something. Currently, only about 300 of them can do that, who were selected in the early testing of P2P transactions (from account to account).

By putting a good or service on sale, you will take your place in the markets and help them form, but more importantly, you will actively influence the creation of the value of Pi cryptocurrency and thus support its strength and growth.

FROM PI WHITE BOOK (about Pi markets)

Quote from the White Paper:

"Pi’s BARTER MARKETPLACE - Build Your Personal Virtual Storefront

In addition to contributing trust and attention to the Pi Network, we expect Pioneers to be able to contribute their unique skills and services in the future. Pi’s mobile application will also serve as a Point of Sales where Pi’s members can offer their untapped goods and services via a “virtual storefront” to other members of the Pi Network... "


All kinds of goods, new and used.

Buy / Sell

Exchange for Pi cryptocurrency.


All kinds of services.